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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

(Blogmas: Day 24 + Day 25) The End of Blogmas

1 more sleep to go,
1 more sleep 'til Santa,
1 more sleep 'til the big fat fella
comes down your chimney,
and brings you presents
and drinks your beer,
1 more sleep 'til Santa!
(Copyright: Heart Radio)
Well guys, there's only one more sleep until the big day arrives. It's been a real amazing experience doing Blogmas and I'm glad I did it. Yes, it was a massive challenge doing a blog post everyday and it was difficult having to put up "iffy" posts due to time restraints, but I'm glad I chose to do it in the end. It's crazy to think that 24 days ago, I was writing Blogmas post day 1. So thank you guys, for sticking with me while I attempt this challenge.
It definitely wasn't easy, but the knowledge of knowing that people on the internet were watching me do Blogmas kept me going. ( I feel like I'm giving an Oscar speech! haha) Over Blogmas, thank you to those of you who left me little comments here and there - it brightened up my day so much, so thank you for that, even if I do only have around 4 readers. I don't have many readers, but maybe one day if my blog becomes more successful, I'll look back on Blogmas 2013 and see how far I've come.

I also gained a follower (Freya) so thank you, Freya! (I actually have 2 followers, but the other one's me so that doesn't really count) Gaining a follower let me know that my blog was actually going somewhere. There are a few people in my school who know about my blog, but was really rewarding to see that my first follower wasn't one of my friends that knew me personally, and that she only knew me through my writing.
Phew. Okay, I have tons more "thank you"s to give out, but my four readers probably aren't interested. I just thought to end off Blogmas, I'd leave a link of my favourite Blogmas entries. (All the Blogmas posts can be found on the right, under the "December" header.)
(Blogmas: Day 11) You Get What You Give
(This is my most favourite one and the one I'm most proud of - I'm really pleased I wrote it.)
(Blogmas: Day 17) Taking Chances (My second best one)
I hope you all enjoyed Blogmas very much - as much as I did! It's now officially the 25th of December, so I can finally say: I hope you all have a very, very, very merry Christmas. I hope you get the presents you wanted and you have a fabulous time with all your relatives who will most likely be coming over for Christmas dinner later.
Now I'm heading off to bed, before Father Christmas arrives and tells me off for staying up so late! Oops!
Merry Christmas!
Thank you and good night!
*bows to tremendous applause*
♥ Jess ♥

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