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Monday, 23 December 2013

(Blogmas: Day 23) Rainy Days

2 more sleeps to go,
2 more sleeps 'til Santa,
2 more sleeps 'til the big fat fella
comes down your chimney,
and brings you presents
and drinks your beer,
2 more sleeps 'til Santa!
(Copyright: Heart Radio)
Recently, the weather in the UK's been dreadful. Raining from 8 am to 8 pm and beyond, winds blowing constantly throughout the day, the bashing of the rain drops against my window, it hasn't exactly been a 'White Christmas'. I'm not talking about amazing summer rains here, I mean full on fat pellets of rain and winds that literally knock you off your balance.
On top of that, my mum and I decided to go out today and do some last minute Christmas food shopping. That was a nightmare. There were people pushing and shoving and it was nearly impossible to get through any of the aisles. You couldn't even look at one or two things and contemplate about whether it was really worth the calories, you just had to grab it and hope that you could work all the calories off later and "thank god you actually found the last packet."
 And after that traumatic experience of shopping on Christmas Eve Eve, my mother and I headed home to recover and spend the rest of that horrible, rainy day inside our house. Which might not sound very exciting, but I loved it. There's something extremely comforting about being inside when it sounds like chaos outside and you're just curled up, wearing the warmest pyjamas and sipping hot tea. So in a way, although the weather is atrocious right now, the day turned out pretty good. And today, I decided to compile a rainy day checklist for you! Enjoy!
  • A good movie - anything girly, preferably starring Andrew Garfield if possible. Turn out all the lights and make some popcorn if you have any.  
  • A box set of your choice - hours of endless fun (right now I'm watching How I Met Your Mother over and over again.)
  • Something hot - this could be tea, cake or even a piping hot lasagne. Mmmm....
  • A book - again something girly is preferable but you could also use this time to catch up on some books you've been wanting to read for a while
  • A blanket - this is my absolute necessity. There's nothing quite like snuggling under a warm blankie when it's stormin' outside.
  • Anything else that will keep you warm and cosy. (Rainy day tip: Laptops are great for keeping your stomach and legs warm. You can use them to watch YouTube as well.)
Hope the weather is better where you are :)  Right, I'm off to bed now - let's hope the wind outside won't keep me up too much. Sweet dreams my little light bulbs!
♥ Jess ♥

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