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Friday, 20 December 2013

(Blogmas: Day 20) Happiness and Rooftop Terraces

5 more sleeps to go,
5 more sleeps 'til Santa,
5 more sleeps 'til the big fat fella
comes down your chimney,
and brings you presents
and drinks your beer,
5 more sleeps 'til Santa!
I only just realised last night at about 2 o'clock that I hadn't done any sort of intro! Which if you watch Vlogmas on YouTube, you'll know that pretty much all the youtubers have some sort of intro to their videos. (Side note: the jingle was inspired by Heart Radio here in the UK.)

Let me tell you a secret: sometimes when I write blog posts, I don't start with the title. I don't know why. Maybe because I feel there's some sort of limitation to it. I always just write and see what comes out, then I put a title. I always know what I want to talk about and writing it isn't the issue, it's the hindrance of a title. I write my thoughts, then I put the title. It's easier that way. I know, I know somebody out there is probably going to bash me for doing things in that order, but that's just the way I roll. (wow, look at me trying to insert some slang into my writing.) That being said, the title of this post will probably end up being really boring.

Right, so the reason I told you that is because as much as someone probably won't understand or approve of the way I do things, it works for me and it makes me happier doing it my own way. And that is one of the many important lessons that you learn in life. When it comes to homework, as much as you might not want to do it, it's pretty advisable that you do that anyway. Even then there are still benefits to your education if you do your work. And don't forget that even when you're learning about anything, be it cooking, mathematics, science etc. even if learning it doesn't make you happy and you'd probably prefer to learn it your own way, sometimes you need to learn the basic method before you venture off into your own style. And let's face it, learning is fun. (#whatanerd)

 What I'm saying is, in social situations, if you don't feel happy doing whatever activity everyone else is doing - don't do it.  And the same can be applied to general situations: films, food, finance and even friendships. (btw did you like that alliteration? I'm trying to get all intelligent now.) So back to the point, do things because they make you happy. Life is too short forcing yourself to do things that you honestly don't really want or need to do.

"I'm so tired of people needing a reason to do everything in their lives. Do it because you want to. Because it's fun. Because it makes you happy."
Who cares what anyone else thinks? The only people whose opinion you should care about are your friends. I'm definitely more particular about the word "friends." By this I don't just mean people you have a good time with and you can have a decent conversation with. I mean people who will hug you when you're down, make you laugh if you need to and you can just totally be yourself in front of them.

I've talked about Basement and Balcony people and how important it is to spend time with 'balcony people'. Now I'm saying out of all the balcony people you've managed to find, really treasure and spend time with 'rooftop terrace' people. These 'rooftop terrace' people are the ultimate people in your life. They'll have all the traits of Balcony people but they'll go that one step further. For example, if you're upset balcony people will give you a hug and a nice little cuddle. But rooftop terrace people will give you a cuddle and later send you a message checking on you and telling you why you're so amazing. (Or something along the lines of that.) So what I'm saying is, love your balcony people but really treasure your rooftop terrace people.

I'll be honest here, as time progresses friendships will change and people will change. But while you've got you chance, make the most of the people you're with. You don't have to put labels on them and say "oh she's/he's my best friend." Just make sure you know who the most important people in your life are right now.

Christmas is a special time to share with your loved ones so make the most of it.

Side note: I've just written the title, and I actually really like it. It has quite a nice ring to it. Like Christmas bells. Heehee.

Tata my lovelies!
♥ Jess ♥

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