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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

(Blogmas: Day 17) Taking Chances

While doing a little "spring cleaning" (winter cleaning?) today, I found a few things under my piles of random crap - one being my old school survival guide. I made it in the summer right before I entered Secondary School after watching the series, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, for probably the millionth time. By the way if anyone used to watch it/still does, you're awesome for doing so.

At that point, I was slightly terrified of going into senior school. I thought it was the biggest change in the world, I was going to become a different person and it would change the rest of my life. To be honest only one of those things happened. It didn't really change my life and it wasn't the biggest change but I'm a slightly different person to who I was before - but let's not get too into that today.

 Anyway I saw something I had written down from a snippet I had done about elections and a part about not winning. Now I'm not sure if I got it from Ned, or my own thoughts, or a mixture of both, but here's what I wrote:

A loser is the one who doesn't try. Being a loser means that you tried. Anyone who tries is a winner who didn't win but lost.

Hope that makes sense, but you get the picture, right? What I'm saying is try. Even if you don't win, you tried and that's all that counts. The worst mistake would be to not make that mistake and to not take that chance. So what if it turned out badly? So what if you're embarrassed? You tried, you did something and you lived.  I believe; there's mistakes, but there's no regrets - only things you can work and move on from.

Take Blogmas. While I'm on holiday now, I'm absolutely loving it. This blog is my baby and I'm thrilled not only with the response people are giving me, but with the effects it's had on me and my friends. The opportunity to sit down and blog is my favourite and it's so rewarding to get my feelings out on a daily basis.

But while I was back at school, I wasn't exactly very happy with Blogmas. I felt like I didn't have enough time to write good posts and to really put my full effort into everything I wrote, not just for myself but for whoever you are out there reading it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist in a way, and I didn't really like the idea of putting up "iffy" posts. But I did anyway. Because who knows, someone out there probably enjoys the shorter posts and the small little drabbles I put up. And even then, I'll know time management isn't my strong point (it never has been to be honest) and next year, if I decide to do Blogmas again, I'll know the challenge and I can make Blogmas 2014 even better. And I'm glad I'm making these mistakes.


Was it a mistake lying in bed until 2 o'clock? Yes.
Was it a mistake watching How I Met Your Mother instead of doing my work? Yes.
Was it a mistake thinking that tray wasn't hot? Yes.
Was it a mistake trying to descend stairs in high heels at that party? Yes.
Was it a mistake accidentally hitting myself with the car door? YES.

But are any of the above regrets? No.
I learned not to make those mistakes, to treasure the feeling of doing something that you shouldn't do but just can't help (I mean the staying in bed part for this one) and to not do such idiotic things like hit myself with car doors. Me being stupid aside, mistakes make you who you are and how you get up after a fall, shows what kind of person you are.


Just remember to take chances. Because there will be mistakes, but there will never be regrets.
 ♥ Jess ♥

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