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Friday, 13 December 2013

(Blogmas: Day 12) Smile

Today I'm going to set you a mini challenge. It'll just be for today - so nothing like the 3 week challenge. (btw, how's everyone doing? If you're failing don't worry. I might sorta kinda be in the same boat as you....oops.)

Right, so the challenge for today is to: smile.  I challenge you to treat everything with a positive outlook. Just for one day. It's harder than you think. On this day, I want you to not get annoyed with little things and to enjoy any part of the day. Maybe the way the sunlight peeks through the leaves of that tree or the sound of your friend's laugh, anything. Just try and think positive and push away all negative thoughts.

The reason for doing this, is so you can (hopefully) have a really enjoyable day. It's very difficult to think positive all the time, and so maybe once in a while, when you need it, take a day where you don't let anyone or anything get under your skin.

Most of all; be happy and smile.

♥ Jess ♥

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