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Saturday, 2 November 2013

New Introductions

It's said that when you meet someone, both parties automatically judge each other within 3 seconds. So assuming that you're still reading this, hey :)  Glad I've sparked your interest.

Short post today, but my next one will hopefully be worth the wait. I guess new introductions are in order. If you've come here from my "old" blog, Hiya. Explosionsonapage.blogspot is still owned by me, or rather, and every post from that blog is here - so fear not!

Reason for the new name? Someone recently pointed out that the word "explosion" might cause some unwanted attention from certain people, so I felt it best to avoid all that drama that may/may not occur in the future. So say hello to: Eccentric Light Bulbs! I loved explosionsonapage. It was my baby and I cherished it dearly. But hopefully you'll like Eccentric Light Bulbs just as much. It's still the same writing and I'm still that same weirdo so just stick with me on this journey, if you please.

I'll explain the name a bit more. I wanted to create a new name (like explosions on a page) which really represented me and what me and my blog is all about. Eccentric: pretty much describes itself - it's totally me. Crazy and unconventional. Light Bulbs came from when my English Teacher described my blog as 'illuminating' which means enlightening, and will hopefully help you see things from a new perspective. Light Bulbs are also that classic symbol of a bright new idea - or a stroke of geniusness (I am aware that 'geniusness' isn't a word, but it felt appropriate. Plus the irony is quite amusing.)

So goodbye, Explosions on a Page. You'll be missed dearly. But say "Hello" to Eccentric Light Bulbs - your source for that stroke of illumination. (That should be my slogan I think.)

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♥ Jess ♥

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  1. Yes explosions does cause unwanted attention ahhaaa :)


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