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Monday, 28 October 2013

How To: Slow Down Time

*deep intake of breath* Woah! What? What? Since when are you this amazing, Jess? (For the record, since always. )Wow. You're so clever!

Well thanks, I guess. But...okay, okay. I lied. Not completely, might I add before you start throwing tomatoes at me, but I may have just stretched the truth a little. In an essence, I guess I am showing you how to slow down time in your own special way. Let me explain.

I often find that sometimes I get so caught up in the hubbub and craziness that is called life and it feels like time is moving too fast and that I just can't keep up with it. Yes, time does fly when you're having fun but in a way, that sucks. I mean, don't you want all the fun times to last forever? I'd rather have all my amazing memories pass by at an excruciating slow pace so I could appreciate it better. Wouldn't you? So here's the trick to slowing down time; appreciate things. Each day find one thing to appreciate. Whether it's new friendships, a joke you heard today, something you ate at lunch, the way that cute boy/girl smiled at you, anything. And even if you've had, to be frank, a completely crappy day, appreciate it. Think: "oo today wasn't great. But I appreciate the experience and now I've learned from today and tomorrow will be a fresh, new start." Maybe even appreciate the fact that you're getting a fresh, new start the next day.

I know this sounds like a very strange method to slowing down time but I feel that when I don't stop and appreciate something everything passes by in a blur and I hate it when that happens. When you reflect and notice the little things, you're living. Actually living. Okay, yes technically we're all living 'cause our hearts are still beating and all that jazz. But there's a difference between living and floating. When you float, you just kind of lie there and let whatever happen take you places. Which can be okay at times, but in all honestly you don't want to float for the rest of your life.

Imagine you're in a swimming pool. Assuming you float the way most people do, ie. on their back, you only really get one view. It's difficult to look to the left or right because then you'll just get water in your face - which basically represents the difficulty and the consequence of 'floating'. When you live you're standing upright in the swimming pool. You can see in every direction and can easily launch into any stroke you please to. You can see everything and appreciate the fact that you can choose to either swim, stand or get out of the pool altogether. It's your choice. :)

So enough swimming metaphors for now. If you still think I'm a complete nutter, which I'll tell you now isn't far from the truth, just try it out. At the end of today, or at the end of tomorrow, or at the end of the week think about what went right. And think about what is going to happen. What I'm trying to say today is: live. (That makes me sound a bit like a mad scientist now that I've written that.) Really live. I spent the first half of my school term appreciating things and taking each day bit by bit and I feel like somehow I've managed to control time. It feels weird but oddly pleasant writing that I can control time.

♥ Jess ♥


  1. Hey Jess, I just wanted to say that I have so much respect for you and your optimism. You obviously have gone through some hardships in life and the way that you are dealing with it is really inspiring!! You are also such a talented writer and I hope you pursue it because it will make a world a better place :) Much love and support, know that you always have friends around you!! xoxo

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for writing this :) I'm so overjoyed to hear that I have inspired you in some way or form. Thank you for writing your kind, kind words. I'm so touched - thank you. I know some of my close friends read this blog but you're actually my first comment! Again (sorry to ramble) but thank you so much <3 I wish you had left me your first name at least so I can thank you properly but thank you, Anonymous. Thank you very much! ♥


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