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Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good break (those of you who are off school for now) and for those of you who aren't, keep pushing until your break - it's not that far away now!

So you guys may or may not know that I go to an all girls school. With that being said, this means I don't get any sort of regular communication with boys. I recently did a school production with our neighbouring boys' school and I do summer programs which are really the only two interactions I have with the opposite gender. Now don't get me wrong, my school isn't bad at all but it's true what they say; girls schools do have more drama. That's not saying that co-ed schools don't have drama (I mean there are boys there after all) but girls schools have more of a bitchy drama. None the less, I do appreciate being in a girls' school so I won't be too distracted by the opposite gender. But, (I'm getting back on track now, don't worry) because of my little interactions with boys it means I am a bit out of practice talking to them in general. During my summer programs I'm completely fine and I obviously still keep in contact with some of my friends that are guys. However there seems to be some sort of fuse in my head that combusts every time I talk to any boy from September until July.

Having recently finished my school production, I've gotten back to my natural charm and charisma while talking to boys (which is to say, not substantial in the first place but somewhat acceptable.) The point is, having gone through much drama over the past few weeks regarding boys, it made me wonder. Firstly, girls are a lot like animals in the way that we sometimes freak out over boys. And the majority sprint and shove others out of their way to reach a "mate" based, not actually on the attraction side of it, but solely because he contains different genitals to us females.

My second query is; what is attraction?

Don't fear, I'm not going to get all scientific on you all (although I don't doubt that my science teacher would be pleased if I did.) And I don't even have the answer myself. But what makes us become attracted to someone? I'm hoping to get the answer soon so I can inform all you lovely people reading of a more intellectual answer.
Think about it. Why are you attracted to certain people? Okay yes, you can find A LOT of people attractive eg. Andrew Garfield, The boy who delivers pizza every Friday, Zac Efron, That boy who's a friend of a friend of a friend, Dave Franco, James Franco, Jack and Finn Harries...the list goes on. But honestly think; 'Are you actually attracted to these people?' Your answer might still be 'yes' which I don't doubt that a lot of peoples' will be. However there will come a time when everyone, and I mean everyone, is fangirling over some hot boy/girl but you're not. You see that they're attractive and you can definitely appreciate that, but for some reason you're not actually attracted to him/her.

Take for example, Bob. (Obviously not his real name, but if you are called Bob - awesome.) Bob isn't the most attractive person, he's cute - sure - but not in the obvious sort of way. You and Bob are friends. You talk a lot on Facebook/iMessage/BBM and you often like each other's pictures on Instagram/Facebook. After a while you start to realise, 'Hey, this Bob kid is pretty great. I think I might like him.' But then comes along Dave (not his real name either). Dave is attractive and all the girls are pretty much in love with him. You guys talk a lot too. Maybe not as much as you and Bob, but still a fair amount. And you can definitely appreciate his face and his nice body too. Yet for some reason you found yourself falling for Bob even though Dave is even more handsome and probably more well rounded in every way.

See? It's weird how that worked out and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have experienced this. Isn't it funny, the way attraction works?

♥ Jess ♥

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