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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

When I write....

I share quite a lot of my thoughts and feelings with this blog. Maybe because I don't share my "personal" details, like my school, last name, pictures, family, address etc., that's why I'm so willing to share my thoughts and feeling - which in a way can be considered as the more personal of the two.

Today, I've decided to share my thought processes when I write. I wish I could tell you that there is a Writing 101 manual out there. There probably is, I'm guessing. But for me I feel like writing is just something you can adopt, practise and develop. People can always tell you what to do but it's really your own efforts that help you improve and do the work well. Maybe there is a how-to guide on writing somewhere in the world. Who knows?

Sometimes I find writing complicated but sometimes it comes as the most natural thing to me. It does vary. I think I can go a little crazy when I write. I get sudden spurts of ideas and I have to jot them down otherwise I might never be able to remember them. And when I pick an idea and I'm writing, that's when I wish "maybe I should be a little more normal."

You see, when I write, I can hear my own voice in my head reading out what I want to say. I promise, I'm not a lunatic. And sometimes, my brain thinks faster than I can type/write. By the time I finish writing one idea, three more are in my head and two have already gone through one ear and out the other. But then I think, "well, if I were (was?) normal, then I wouldn't be able to come up with so many ideas." And I'm quite grateful for my ideas. As I write this, I currently have about 37 ideas jotted down on a pink post-it note which is stuck to a wall in my room.

Another thing that I can find tricky in writing is humour. I would say in real life, if I'm quite comfortable with you, I'm pretty darn funny. But sometimes my jokes are only funny because of the way I tell them. So a little fear I have is that the examiner/reader, isn't going to get any of my jokes and just think that I write terribly. (Which you might already think I do. It's okay. You're entitled to your wrong opinion.)

Now I'm not an expert at writing by any means. Far from it in fact. I wish I could be an expert in the future, but right this second I am solely just a novice. Because of my current standard of writing, I can't give you many tips. But what I could tell you, is this:

  •  Don't jump straight in to the first idea you think of. Even I, with my cluttered mind and wacky ways, don't just write whatever comes to mind. When you are given a topic, I suggest thinking of a few ideas first, before letting you words out onto the page. Your English teacher might otherwise say this tip as "Plan!", to which I was/am not very good at.
  • Practise makes Permanent. This was something my old rowing coach used to say to me, back when I was super sporty and didn't spend my days watching marathons of "8 out of 10 Cats". I don't like the phrase "practice makes perfect." Who's to say what perfect really is? If you constantly practise with poor thought and effort in your writing, it may become permanent. However, practising and trying to improve is a good way to achieve better results in writing.
  • READ OVER YOUR WORK. If you e-mailed my English teacher, or bumped into her on the street, she would tell you that my biggest fault when I write is that I don't check over my work. It's an awful habit. One that I don't recommend you pursue. One little word can make the difference in a point you may be trying to make. I don't think I can stress how important it is. Take it from a fellow student, it's important. You might not think you need it (like I thought I didn't) but you do. It's just 5 extra minutes really. Also, you will be able to check spelling, punctuation, grammar and all the bits and bobs like that.
  • Keep writing. I write A LOT. And now it's just a part of my day that I fully enjoy. Writing continuously helps develop a style and in the long run, you might find that you enjoy writing more than you thought! Keep a journal, diary, even a blog! Just write anything that comes to mind.
  • Ideas are great. The more you have the better, right?

There you have it! My writing tips at the moment! This was just a brief outline of some basic things to keep in mind. Again, I am not an expert nor am I an English teacher with a degree. However, I will update this/make a new post when I achieve an apprentice/intermediate level of writing. Keep writing and reading, my lovelies!

♥ Jess ♥

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