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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Plans Don't Always Go To Plan

Hello again! I've been away from this blog for a bit so apologies for that. To make it up to you, I'm attempting to write a few posts today. Last blog post, (I think) I said I would try to keep you updated on how stuff in my life is going. I actually have no idea why I'm doing this - if you are actually reading this you're probably not interested in the slightest. 

To not make this blog post the length of London to Cornwall, I'll just keep it as brief as possible. Which is to say, not very brief. Sorry. So in this blog post, I talked about making my writing piece as interesting as I possibly could and make it stand out. Honestly, I think I was successful in my task, but it was the wrong writing style for the homework assignment. It sucks, yes. But sometimes things don't work out and you just have to get better at them.

Wow. I actually feel like I'm growing up a little. To continue, I was also made to write an school essay about Pride and Prejudice, yada yada yada (won't go into too much detail). Basically, I really recommend trying to use the most formal English you can on a daily basis. It would make essay writing a heck of a lot easier. I guess I'm just used to talking to you all quite casually so my sense of elegance in my formal writing may have decreased slightly. No matter, again just like I mentioned
before some things are meant to happen to make you work harder.

Friday was quite a difficult day for me, seeing as how I have an awful cold at the moment. Also, the night before we received and e-mail saying that my class had some cases of head lice, like every school in the whole world. So naturally when everyone was at school the next day, the nerves and anxiety of all my classmates moulded together to create a gigantic cloud of hysteria. I'd be lying if I said that our yelling and screaming didn't get us into a lot of trouble. To top it all off, I received an absolutely disgusting mark in my Latin translation. Yes, yes I know, it's just homework - I get it. But  translations have always been my best section of Latin. It's a terrible grade. Dare I say it? Oh no no no no. I can't. I'm going to regret it if I don't say it. So, here it goes. I, Jess, received a *deep exhale*.....  D.

Just seeing it on this page makes my heart want to break. A D??? Seriously?? My translation wasn't THAT bad but it's a complicated way of marking and stuff I won't go into detail about. Also, there are so many tenses of verbs! This language is so damn complicated. No wonder it's dead. I mean, really? Present, Future, Future passive, Imperfect active, Imperfect passive, historic verbs, Pluperfect, Future Perfect, Deponent Verbs, Perfect passive participles (PPP) and Present active Participles (PAP)??? I don't even know what this means in English! Let alone in Latin!

*deep yoga breath* But I know myself, I know I'll work hard on this. Sometimes you want certain things to work out and you want them to be perfect. Just sometimes they can't be. But all these problems that knock you down or throw off your plans, only help you achieve more in the future. So I say, you just have to keep moving forward.

♥ Jess ♥

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