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Monday, 2 September 2013


Something you might like to know about me is that I keep a box of memories. Inside I put papers, cards, pictures, buttons etc. of things that I would like to remember. The other day, I busted this box out and had a little rummage through my collection. Among this was something I had written about a year ago. We were given an assignment to write a sonnet about something. Me, being the intense passionate one, decided to write about one of my loves: dancing.

I love dancing.

I've done it ever since I was a child, and while I don't take classes at the moment, that didn't stop me learning dance routines from YouTube. Oh, the life of a weirdo....
In fact, I actually wanted to be a dancer when I was in year 7 to year the end of year 8. I had just finished watching Step Up (yes, the one with that glorious god, otherwise known as Channing Tatum) for probably the twentieth time. I just remember wanting to be able to dance and move like that. To this day, Step Up is still one of my ultimate films.

Anyway, so when I had to write this sonnet I was having a bit of a difficult time. I'm not very good at writing poems of any kind so this was quite a challenge for me. So, I decided to just write out my feelings for dance in prose and then turn it into a poem somehow. It was just my ideas that came to mind, all staggered and crazy. I ended up really liking my poem at the end. It was very personal to me and I think it was one of the first times I really wrote with passion. Unfortunately, my English teacher didn't like my poem.

She gave me a B.

But today, I've decided to share my prose piece with you! Hope you enjoy!

Walking is plain in comparison. Dancing really expresses yourself. No matter how many walls I put up, I lose myself in dance and feel free. Imagine yourself angry. Instead of punching a wall or something, anything, you can cure yourself with the same passion. Dance represents every part of your life; good, bad, being born and when you die. The connection you have with a partner is like no other. On the floor, he can't be disloyal to you. Together, you both dance in harmony like soul mates. Each person lives. Dances represent life - how short it is. Each step is a moment, brief but perfect. Your anger, humiliation and love are expressed and there is nowhere you can hide. I put up walls to see who cares enough to knock them down. It's a risk since all your heart is in your movements. Out in the open. Vulnerable. Anyone could hurt you.
And yet, the beauty of dancing is inspiring. Having someone there, in sync knowing you so well is magical. In that moment, actions speak louder than words. And someone is there to catch you.

So there it is! I admit, definitely not one of my best pieces. But I like this. First of all because I can remember how I was feeling, what I wanted to say, what I was thinking and what I love. Okay, there probably needs to be more metaphors, similes, alliteration and other things like that. And honestly, there's no flow in this piece. It's basically just a cluttered mess on a page. So it really is an "explosion on a page." I think it also just shows how much my writing has changed. Or at least I think my writing has changed. I hope it has.

Now everyone, go and dance!
 ♥ Jess ♥

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