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Friday, 27 September 2013

Basements & Balconies

Hello again! Hope your week has been great and you've achieved some of the things you set out to achieve. Like all my blog posts and topic, this one is quite close to my heart and is something I think is important to know, hence me sharing this with all of you today!

In life, I believe there are two types of people; Basement people and Balcony people.

Basement people

These are people who drag you down and bring you down to the "basement". (Assuming our equilibrium is the ground level.) These people draw out the worst in you and are generally quite negative or pessimistic. Basement people can also include bullies and even some of your "closest friends" who you may now realise are quite unpleasant to be around. Now these people are not necessarily "bad", they're just bad people for you. Like you know how sometimes you just click with someone and sometimes you don't? It's kind of like that. Except you might click with them, but they make you depressed. It's difficult to explain so sorry for the lack of proper, coherent sentences.  Basement people also can try to dishearten you down and stop you from achieving your goals (which are presumably at the top) If you find yourself not liking someone for either; a) being uncomfortable around them and/or b) they make you feel quite negative and irritated; then these are probably your basement people.

Balcony people

Balcony people tend to be quite optimistic and are often very encouraging people - the opposite of a basement person. They do not have to be the bubbliest of people but they should at least support you in some way or form. They help you achieve your goals more by placing you on the "balcony" with them. Being around them should make you feel: a) happy and uplifted and/or b) confident or some variation of what I just mentioned then these are the people for you.


Why am I telling you this? I think in life, it's important to know who are the basement people and who are the balcony people. From personal experience, I know that when you surround yourself with basement people it can have quite negative effects on you. Very, very recently, I received quite a shake up and it brought me back to reality - it's a very long story that is saved for another post, but the point is that it made me re-evaluate my life and the people in it and made me think of balcony and basement people.

So today, I'm telling you this:

Try focusing more one balcony people. Spend more time with them and you'll achieve more. You'll start to become more positive. You know how some people say, if you spend time with smart people you'll become smarter? This is pretty much the same thing. So, my readers, think about who are the balcony people in your life and invest your time in them. They're the ones who are actually worth you time and your effort.
 Side note: I sincerely hope that this blog post made some kind of sense. I'm in a bit of a strange mood - the effects of my shake up are still upon me so apologies if I don't sound completely sober. I promise I am, I'm just in a bit of a daze. Next blog post will be great! (Hopefully)

♥ Jess ♥

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