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Friday, 7 June 2013

The Specks In Your Life

She looks into the mirror.
Something's different.
Perhaps it's the smile that's missing
or maybe even her eyes.
They don't sparkle today.
They stare back at her.
"Are they even mine?" she wonders,
because they resemble.........
She can't figure it out.
But she knows they're not hers.
She bites her quivering lip and the stranger in the mirror follows.
Eyes maneuvering around her body,
she stops to watch her abdomen
rise and fall with every breath.
In, Out. In, Out. In, Out.
She stops.
She glares at her reflection.
This was the cause of her hatred.
This was the cause of all her pain.
I hate my cankles.
No one else has fat legs.
Why is it only me?
Look at all my stretch marks.
I'm hideous. I'm distgusting.
I wish I could rip off my stomach so it would be flat.
Why kind of monster has back-fat?
Fat wrists, flabby arms.
Who could love someone like that?
She tortures herself, until she can hardly breathe
and she's gasping for air.
Without realising, she has sunk to the floor.
Her hands tremble as her eyes burn from the tears.
She sweeps them off her face
but she isn't fast enough to catch them all.
They drip off her chin and onto her knees, making patterns.
She peers at her reflection.
It's changed again.
The creature in the mirror is broken, injured and shattered.
But somehow, it's her.
It's more life-like.
She recognises herself again.
She moves her arm to make sure the reflection follows. It does.
She laughs at her action.
And her image laughs back.
She sees herself again.
She's laughing, smiling and glowing despite the red, tear-stained cheeks.
The sound of her laughter is beautiful.
She knows who she is and no one can define her.
Slowly but surely, she stands and turns away from the mirror.

Hello again, my dear readers :) Now I know this piece is a little more serious than some of my other ones, but I felt as if this was an important message to get across. Although I'm hardly old enough to say the phrase "back in the good old days," I must to say that I have experienced this moment numerous times. I feel as if going through these painful moments in your life, make you stronger and help you appreciate the cheerful aspects in your life. This moment that I am talking about, is one where you can't see anything worthy in yourself and you've lost that zest and spark in your eye. I'm here, trying to tell any of you who are feeling upset, that you are extraordinary. Like I said before, I have first-hand experience and I know that sometimes you just need someone to help you feel better again and who knows what you are going through.
So, I wrote this piece to reach out to anyone who is feeling a bit "down in the dumps". These moments are just the specks in your life. Miniscule and nothing compared to the joyous moments that are yet to come.

My message to anyone out there reading this is:

There will be at least one person out there who thinks you are beautiful. And one of those people, is you. I promise you that much. You might not think it right now, but you are. Enjoy life and seize every single opportunity you come across. Remember that the most beautiful girls, are the happiest ones.

You are beautiful and you are you. Embrace it.

 ♥ Jess ♥


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