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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Passing Notes

Erin bounced into the room, full of excitement. She loved writing and just couldn't hide the beam on her face. The class were taking a field trip to a news firm that day. Behind her, Matt dragged his feet, clicking a blue pen in his right hand. Hearing the sound, Erin stopped and turned.
"Matty, stop it. It's annoying."
"Stop what?" he replied, grinning.
"Mmmaaatttyyy," she dragged out his name.
"Eeerrriinnnnn," he sang in the same tone.
"Stop it!"
"Stop it!" he grinned mischeviously.
"Stop copying me!"
"Stop copying me!"
"Matt, Erin! Stop it!" Their teacher, Mrs Parkingson, ordered them sternly. "You two better behave yourselves today. I know how you both get when you're together," she warned, peering over her glasses.
As she turned her back, Matt nudged Erin. She looked over to find Matt mimicking Mrs Parkingson's face perfectly. Erin tried to stiffle her giggle making her turn red in the process.
Finally the two reached a glass room where roughly fifteen men dressed in black suits were sitting. Mrs Parkingson pointed them to the two remaining seats in the corner of the room, where they were made to watch the meeting take place.
The men in the room were cracking dreadful jokes to which Mrs Parkingson was cackling hysterically. Matt felt his head getting heavy and his eyelids seemed to be shutting on their own accord. Suddenly, Matty felt a folded piece of paper touch his hand. Opening it, he read to himself:

Matty Im bored. Talk to me.
Clicking his pen, he hastily scrawled:
so am i. i think im going to fall asleep
Haha I dont really know what they are talking about. Do you?
no. if I knew I probably wouldnt want to fall asleep. these guys have really deep voices. they sound like cows
you know, when a cow moos it goes mooooooooooo in a really low voice
Oh okay. it sounds like a tractor to me.
do you see the guy at the end of the table
the one with carrot hair
Its not called carrot hair matt, my sister told me it was jinga hair.
thats not a word
Yes it is!
no its not
Go away matty
After a while, Erin grew bored agin. Without looking at Matt, she reached back over and picked up the note. She scribbled:
What about the guy with carrot hair?
hes scaring me
I think hes in love with mrs Parkingson.
ewww thats so icky
Yea are we the only ones who are bored?
i think so. i think the carrot man was just picking his nose like Jamie is over there
She looked over at the man with orange hair and Jamie, a little boy sitting opposite him. She watched as the ginger haired man brought his hand up to his nose and pretended to cough while doing the dirty deed. Meanwhile, Jamie was playing with his T-shirt and was making no effort to hide his picking.
Erin tried as hard as she could to stiffle her giggle but to no avail. She cackled as hard and as loud as Mrs Parkingson had earlier. Soon her laugh turned into her signature snort which caused Matt to crack up and laugh his own loud cackle. Mrs Parkingson, growing angry with the two best friends, stormed over to both and shoved them outside, yelling at the pair before returning back to the room. As she strolled back to her seat, Matt and Erin saw clearly from outside the smile and wink she gave to the carrot haired man.
Erin whispered to Matt,"I was right."
Voilà! The second installment of the "Matt and Erin" series! I've become a little bit obsessed with two sided stories so I decided to include a little two-sided entry within this piece. As I've said before, in each part of the series, we'll follow Erin and Matt as they grow up. My first entry of this series, The Meeting, was when Matt and Erin were roughly 3-4 years old. In this piece, I aimed to portray them as 8-9 year olds. In addition, I also wanted to show how they've both changed; Erin is a little bit more mature and we can see from her note that she has better grammar than Matty; while Matty is pretty much the same dorky kid who just likes to make Erin laugh.
Enjoy, my readers!

♥ Jess ♥



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