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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An Adaptation of "Of Mice And Men"

(In the voice of Lennie Small)

I wusnt doin' nuthin rong. All I was doin' wus I wus heading down to dat, dem Market to meet George. That's when I saw her. Or she saw me. I'm konfuzing maself. She walked onto da trayn and sayt down next ta me, where I was sittin'. As she sayt down, I cud smell some naice perfume frum her so I looked at her and she looked back at me. She smiled. It maid me happy so den I smiled back but she had awready turned her hed.
She didunt see it but some of the faybric from her scirt was on ma leg so I reached out and touched it. It felt pretty. And it looked soft. I wanted to wrub ma faice on it. So I lowered ma head to ma nees and klosed my aies. It was real good - laike a small rabit wus kissin me. But den it wus gone. I looked bayk at dat preety girly but she was glarin at me. I thinke she hayted mey. That mayd me sayd so I started to crah. When I looked bayk at her she wus gone. George is gunna be real mad.

I'm beautiful. I mean, who would argue with me? I'm skinny and rich - what more could someone want? So it didn't surprise me when everyone was staring at me in my new three hundred dollar skirt. As I strode onto the train, one man was so overcome with my beauty that he snapped up and offered me his seat. Sitting down, I let my skirt flow onto my lap. I felt someone looking at me and noticed a large man beside me. He wasn't very attractive. He didn't say anything, just a dumb open mouthed expression on his dirty face. I smiled. the poor sould probably thought he had a chance with me. I don't date guys who have dirt on their face. Much less people who look like overgrown toddlers.
After a while I felt a small tug on my skirt and I looked over where i saw him rubbing his disgusting face with my brand new skirt. I was repulsed and disgusted and outraged and revolted and horrified. I guess he noticed my glare because he looked up and then he started to cry. Good. He deserved it.
I enjoyed listening to the overgrown toddler cry, but after a while I grew bored of his tears. I stalked out of the train and called my driver. If he hasn't had the car fixed yet, he is fired, because I am never taking public transport again.
I think "Of Mice and Men" (written by John Steinbeck) has become one of my favourite books after studying it in my English class. Now normally, I never really enjoy books studied in school as eventually I always grow tired of reading the same thing for five months. In addition to that, I spent so much of my time last year hoping that my teacher wouldn't pick on me that I never really paid attention to the book.
Make no mistake, I absolutely love English with a passion but sometimes there are certain texts/teachers/environments that further help you enjoy the subject - just my opinion.  

For this piece, (which was actually a homework assignment) we had to write about an incident from the perspective of two different people. I thought I would challenge myself and write having been inspired by a text ACTUALLY STUDIED IN CLASS. (*shock horror*) To anyone who hasn't read "Of Mice and Men", I highly recommend that you pick up a copy from your local bookstore/library. And after reading said book, you can have the pleasure of watching the movie starring the brilliant actor Gary Sinise (CSI:NY) and John Malkovich. Both the book and movie are utterly brilliant and will be on the list of "100 Books/Movies to Read/Watch Before You Die."

As always, enjoy my readers and leave a comment if you'd like. Merci beaucoup!

 ♥ Jess ♥

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