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Saturday, 6 April 2013


To anyone stumbling upon my blog, "Hello and welcome!" I expect I'm just talking to myself here but that's okay. No worries. The main purpose of this blog is to use it for my DofE (Duke of Edinburgh's Award). For those of you who don't know what this is about, it's a program here in the UK to help teenagers develop skills in order to help them later in life. The skill I'm improving is writing. Originally, I planned to just write short stories and my "explosions on a page" (*wink wink*) on a Word Document each week and hand it in to my assessor (my English teacher). But because I'm a little weird and "quirky", as my Art teacher once called me, I decided it would be more exciting to put all my ideas/random drabbles onto a blog.

I've always been interested in blogs and I even started a few myself. However, those never lasted long due to school work or "Actually, I don't think this blog post is good. I'll take it down," and other various factors. So I decided to use my DofE skills in writing and helping me put my ideas forward and sharing with others. Essentially, I'm killing two birds with one stone....

Actually, I don't really like that expression. I'm not sure if it's just me, but the idea of killing a bird has never really appealed to me. I'm going to change that to something else. Getting my money's worth? No, that doesn't quite make sense. Oh well, I'll think of something....


Compliments or criticisms; I embrace all feedback with open arms! Please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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