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Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Meeting

"Can I borrow your green?"
She flicks her head up and studies him for a while, before cautiously handing over the olive crayon in her hand.
"Thanks," he replies flashing a dimpled grin. She watches him waddle through the group of children playing hopscotch, back to his table to make a couple of swirls with the crayon. Suddenly, he looks up. The two lock eyes for a moment before he smiles and waddles back to her table, his paper and crayon in hand.
"I'm Matt." He hands back the crayon and sits down next to her. "What's your name?"
"Erin," she replies not looking at him.
"Erin? Isn't that a boy's name? You don't look like a boy. Are you one?"
"One what?"
"A boy."
"Oh. No. My name is spelt E-R-I –"
" – N,"  they reply at the same time.
"Jinx!" he yells. "Ha! Now you can't talk until I free you from my spell!"
She looks at him wide-eyed with her mouth opening and closing like a fish, making him laugh. And he laughs harder and harder until he snorts. They both stop. They stare at each other and howl with laughter.
"Hey, you can't make noise until I've said your name," he points out. Grinning, she gives him a shove causing him fall off the bench. She starts laughing again, surprised at her own strength.
"Okay you win, Erin," he chuckles, putting emphasis on her name. "Cool drawing," he points to the her paper with a blue building, red grass and purple trees.
"Thank you," she smiles down at her handiwork.
"But you know that it's grass that's purple and trees that are red, right?"
"Are not."
"Are too."
She narrows her eyes at him.
"Are not!"
"Are too!"
"No, they're not! Grass is red and trees are purple!"
"No, you're wrong! Grass is purple and trees are red!"
They glare at each other. Slowly, the edges of his mouth turn up into a smile and she can't stop herself from smiling back.
" How come you're here alone?" he asks her, fiddling with the crayons arranged on the table.
She opens and closes her mouth like a fish again. Chuckling, he says, "You can tell me. I don't bite."
Taking a breath she mumbles, "The other girls think I'm gross."
"Because my dress is all dirty. I was playing in the mud before."
He glances down at her purple-and-blue-checkered dress and notices the patches of brown near the bottom of it.
"Well I think you're pretty cool."
Her head snaps up and she looks at him in shock. "I'm not."
"Are too!"
She doesn't reply in their same argumentative form.
"You know before, when you jinxed me and you said I couldn't talk until you said my name?" she asked. "Well, I actually didn't talk. I was laughing."
His face contorts into a confused expression before he giggles. He changes the subject, not wanting to admit that he's wrong and she's right.
" I like you," he snorts. "Let's be best friends, 'kay?"
She nods.

I hope you enjoyed that! I think I'm going to transform this piece to be part of a mini-series over the next couple of weeks.
The topic of love came to me when I was watching a re-run  of "Friends" earlier, more specifically the one where Chandler proposes to Monica. Chandler and Monica's relationship is one of my favourites as the idea of falling in love with someone who is your best friend seems like the perfect match to me.  From there, I expanded on the idea of two people spending pretty much their whole lifetime together and so the meeting of two friends (Matt and Erin) was born! I really hope I captured the innocence of their youth in this story.
Feedback is always welcome! (Click the section that says "No Comments", to give me a little feedback)

 ♥ Jess

Sunday, 7 April 2013


I have to think of a good idea to write about.
Nah, leave it 'til tomorrow morning. You always get things done anyway.
That's true, but no, I have to get this done now. It's already eleven twenty-seven pm. Concentrate, concentrate..I know! I can write about - I wonder what's for dinner tomorrow. I hope it's a nice, steamed fish. That sounds so - Hey! What are you doing? This is supposed to take forty-five minutes and we haven't started. Okay let's write about a girl who...goes shopping? No that's a horrible idea. You got that right.
Well let's hear your brilliant ideas. Fine then. How about her going...bopping? Dropping? Flopping? Stalking? T-t-talking! She can go talking. There, that was easy.
Yeah. You're such a genius. You know, from now on, don't help me. 
Come on Jess, concentrate.
Maddie crouches behind the dumpster, her eyes darting back and forth watching for some kind of movement. Any shuffle, any rustle, any twitch. Anything. She doesn't breathe. 
Silence. She counts.
Three - Fear strikes her chest like a cobra strikes a - "Want you to make me feel, like I'm the only girl in the world! Like I'm the only one that you'll ever l -" You are not helping. I'm already stressed out so do you want to fail this homework assignment and get a late slip? Do you want your teacher to remember you giving your homework in late forever and ever for all eternity? Do you want to fail school?
Well? Do you?

Chill, dude. I don't really care; I'm just your subconscious.
This piece was inspired by one that I wrote last year. My main aim of this piece was to make it sound as if it was two separate people having an argument about work at the beginning and at the end make the reader realise it was just one person. If it was evident from the start that it was someone experiencing the "Devil/Angel shoulder," then yay! I did my job pretty well! However you interpret it, is completely up to you! Don't hesitate to leave me any feedback too!

Call me crazy, but these conversations often go on in my head. It's always such a struggle when you get writers' block, so I decided to dedicate this drabble to those difficult times. Deep down, I know you're just as weird as me and you have arguments with yourself sometimes. Right?
Come on, say it with me: " I, (insert name here), sometimes talk to myself."

Or don't. Whatever floats your boat.
Anyway, (getting back on topic) I hope you enjoyed reading my story! Once again, feel free to leave me any feedback!

♥     Jess    

Saturday, 6 April 2013


To anyone stumbling upon my blog, "Hello and welcome!" I expect I'm just talking to myself here but that's okay. No worries. The main purpose of this blog is to use it for my DofE (Duke of Edinburgh's Award). For those of you who don't know what this is about, it's a program here in the UK to help teenagers develop skills in order to help them later in life. The skill I'm improving is writing. Originally, I planned to just write short stories and my "explosions on a page" (*wink wink*) on a Word Document each week and hand it in to my assessor (my English teacher). But because I'm a little weird and "quirky", as my Art teacher once called me, I decided it would be more exciting to put all my ideas/random drabbles onto a blog.

I've always been interested in blogs and I even started a few myself. However, those never lasted long due to school work or "Actually, I don't think this blog post is good. I'll take it down," and other various factors. So I decided to use my DofE skills in writing and helping me put my ideas forward and sharing with others. Essentially, I'm killing two birds with one stone....

Actually, I don't really like that expression. I'm not sure if it's just me, but the idea of killing a bird has never really appealed to me. I'm going to change that to something else. Getting my money's worth? No, that doesn't quite make sense. Oh well, I'll think of something....


Compliments or criticisms; I embrace all feedback with open arms! Please feel free to leave me a comment below.